Business Cards

Business Cards …Building A Relationship

Business Cards Start Relationships

A business card is the start of a relationship with a client. The moment a business card is handed to you, a relationship begins.

The business card creates an impression. By seeing and feeling a business card, you develop an opinion about the business and the quality of their work. Do you want to do business with this company?

Your business card is an investment in your relationship.

Business Card Quality Equals Product and Service Quality

Your business card represents the quality of your products and services.

Professional high-quality business cards send a strong message to your clients and perspective customers about the quality of your products or services. A custom-designed business card promises a commitment to excellence.

A custom-designed business card tells clients:

“We deliver superior products and high quality services. We promise.”

Mistakes to Avoid on Business Cards

• Poor quality—Selecting flimsy or low-quality paper stock
• Overcrowded business cards—Poor visual message
• Too many colors—Confusing branding
• Expecting one card to represent multiple businesses
• Too small type—Unreadable, and not well-executed.
• Design template does not match the logo
• Obvious home printing • Vague message –Be clear about what your company does
• Cheap Printing – Promoting the company that prints your cards on your card Select the Right Paper Stock

Gamaprint offers a wide variety of paper stock choices in a wide range of colors to match your needs. By consulting with our experts, we deliver the right message for you.

Custom Stock

• Thermographic
• Linen
• Silk
• Foil
• Die Cut
• Embossing – Raised design
• Plike (Suede-like)

Printing Professionals At Gamaprint, our printing experts take the time to understand your needs, and convey the right message to your audience.

We take pride in delivering the same high quality products for each client on time. There is no job too small.

Contact us for a printing consultation to find out how you can improve your image and increase your revenue.